A Recipe for Fun!

Baking Classes for Children & Adults in Winslow, Maine!

Series course: Courses I-VIII (on hold for summer...)

Each course begins with education on the importance of handwashing to prevent illness and kitchen safety to prevent injury.  We will discuss methods to keep cutting boards from sliding, how to use a knife safely, awareness of a hot burner, and wiping up kitchen spills immediately to prevent slipping.  If your child is using a knife for the first time, I will work individually with your child to ensure safety.  In the beginning, I will remove baked goods from the oven, while providing instruction on proper oven mitt use, to avoid burns until your child is comfortable.  I am intentionally keeping the class size small to keep your child safe.

There are two goals in this course:

  1. Have fun
  2. Have fun while developing baking and cooking skills

For each class, we will accomplish as much as we can during the allotted time!


Course I: So many cookies so little time!  We will start with four basic drop cookies: chocolate chip, ginger, oatmeal white chocolate cranberry and deep chocolate with peanut butter chips.

Course II: Let’s get Rollin’!  Rolled cookies: In this class, we roll out special doughs and cut out different shapes. Cookies include: sugar cookies, linzer (light spice flavor filled with raspberry jam), chocolate cookies with cream filling (white filling like Oreos or coffee-flavored). After assembling the cookies, we will decorate them.

Course III:  Baking up Brownies and Bars: Make the richest chocolate-chocolate chip brownie ever!  Nuts are always optional.  We will make lemon bars with freshly squeezed lemon juice and peanut bars: my homemade version of the PayDay candy bar!

Course IV: Super Awesome Filled Cookies:  In this course we will learn how to make my version of the classic Maine whoopie pie, carrot cake cookies filled with cream cheese frosting, and ginger cookies with lime cream filling.

Course V: Gotta Have a Galette…or a tart!!  Tarts are simply elegant and galettes are simply rustic.  You will first learn how tart pans work; it so easy to separate the pan from the crust.  Then you will prepare a lovely dough that works well with tart pans.  Variations in tart fillings include chocolate-orange, pastry cream with fresh berries, caramelized almond, lemon, and chocolate coconut pecan.  A galette is a free form, all-natural sort of looking dough.  You will roll out the dough, fill the center with a berry, apple or nectarine filling, then simply fold the sides in and bake!  We will use seasonal fruits whenever possible.

Course VI: Easy and Essential small cakes: Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Molten Lava Cakes:  In this course you will learn three very different, but essential cakes.  We will prepare cupcakes with an easy buttercream icing that can be flavored in several ways, individual cheesecakes with a graham cracker crust, and a molten chocolate cake, with an oozing center of Belgian chocolate goodness!

Course VII: The Getting Fancier Class!  Custard-based desserts/Sauces/Garnishes:  Here you will learn the secrets of a silky crème brulee with its classic burnt sugar coating or chocolate pot de crème with a touch of whipped cream.  Both desserts begin with a base of eggs and cream.  Then it’s time to get fancier with a special homemade sauce: caramel sauce and/or chocolate sauce.  We will whip up some cream, make multi-shaped tuiles and chocolate shavings.  We will accomplish all that we can in the allotted time!

Course VIII: The Last course: The Ultimate Dessert Presentation.  In this course, you will make a composed dessert; that is, one dessert with many components.  Your final plate will include a mini molten chocolate cake with homemade ice cream and caramel sauce, a chocolate raspberry ganache tartelette with raspberry sauce, vanilla bean crème brulee, and a tuile (a very thin cookie that can be shaped many ways).


 Specialty Classes

Specialty classes will run periodically and can be found on the monthly calendar. Check for updates, most are 2 hours long and cost is $30.

Celebrating Maine Wild Blueberries: In this class, you will utilize Maine Blueberries in three very different desserts: a fabulous blueberry crisp with a buttery almond-oat topping, silky blueberry crème brulee, and a rustic blueberry galette.

Pate a Choux: This is a classic French pastry term which literally translates into lightning as the batter puffs up quickly during the baking process.

In this class, we will learn how to make eclairs, cream puffs, and pastry cream filling.  Once prepared, we will dip the eclairs in chocolate ganache and fill the puffs with ice cream.


August Summer Camp

A full week of baking fun!  Includes bottled water and snacks!

Monday: Cookies 101

Tuesday: Maine Blueberry Day

Wednesday: Galettes and Tarts

Thursday: Cupcakes and Cheesecake

Friday: Fancy Class: Molten Chocolate Cake with chocolate and caramel sauces

Dates: August 22-26

Monday-Friday: ages 8-13

$149 per weekly session, 10% sibling discount

After-School Courses

Begins September 2022

After school courses ages 8-14: Winslow students are welcome to take the bus to my home with parental permission. Students from other towns will require transportation. Snacks will be offered.

Monday-Thursday 2:45-4:45:  $25 per class or $90 for the four days.  There will have to be some flexibility with arrival and pick up times due to different school release times.

Mondays: cookies, Tuesday: brownies/bars Wednesday: Tarts and Galettes Thursday: cupcakes/cheesecake Friday: series class.   If repeat students sign up, I will continue to change the dessert menu.

Dessert Series Courses

Begins September 3rd

I offer a special 8-week dessert series course where students begin with drop cookies and progress to a beautifully composed dessert.  This class will run every Friday from 2:45-5:45 OR Saturday from 10-1.  $35 per class, $280 per 8-week session.  You may pay weekly or in one sum.  

You must pick either Friday or Saturday series. Saturday series students up to age 16.

Birthday Parties: Call or email if you are interested in having a private baking fun birthday party.  Your child can make his or her own birthday cupcakes. Up to six children including birthday child. Two-hour class.  $30 per child.

Cooking camps will be offered the week of school vacations: December, February and April to follow the Waterville/Winslow school district calendar.  Please check back for updates.

Adult courses: Various offerings from dessert series to date night.

The above classes are not suitable for children with food allergies or gluten-free needs.  If your child has a nut allergy, we can have a nut-free class day.